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Job Search & Outplacement 

Career development and outplacementCareer Developement:
What goals are within reach? What means are available? Personal strengths and weaknesses? How fast can your achievements be reached? And, in particular, what are companies’ decision-making criterias?


KarriereKonsult contributes with more professionalism in this process. It is well documented that performance and satisfaction increases when consciously working from a career strategy based on knowledge of personality and competencies – and, not least, when understanding the decision making process of the employer.

It is important to be prepared for interviews critical to the career. Being unprepared is disastrous when in focus and with only a short period of time available.

KarriereKonsult's methods:


We emphasize the importance of personality in the selection of career path. Consequently, our clients take a personality test, and we discuss the conclusions with the client in order for the client to gain a better self-understanding and use the results in a positive way in their future career.
Clients receive information about their decision-making ability and drive, social characteristics, ability to communicate and establish contacts, tendency towards stress, match between own and surroundings’ perception of personality and appearance.
We develop a strategic curriculum vitae that through describing activities and results gives a personal and dynamic impression of the clients’ career qualities while focussing on the demands of future positions. An impressive CV increases the clients’ consciousness of their own competencies, which is important for clients’ ability to negotiatiate in career interviews.
We teach clients application techniques. It is important that the application is relevant and can be "scanned” – i.e. not necessary to read the application closely as it speaks clearly to the reader and decision-maker – to present the client as relevant for a personal interview. This method also ensures that a large number of refusals is avoided.
We develop a career profile that shows which positions, salary levels, industries etc. to focus on and how they match qualifications. This often results in new "career strategies” and new possibilities.
Clients learn the potentials of applying for non-posted positions making this process more result-oriented. For people over 40 years or people with a specific background or specific requirements this method often provides the best results.
Finally, interview technique with video and TV is practiced. Vi make sure that clients are aware of the hirering company’s primary interests and are in a position to create sympathy and direct the interview towards own competencies. Our clients become as professional as experienced employers in managing the course of job interviews.
Start your own businesses: KarriereKonsult offers expert advice to people considering starting their own business.
PC-, printer-, FAX- and Internet facilities can be used at KarriereKonsult. For Executive Outplacement PC incl. printer, fax and Internet access is made available for home office use.

Time-unlimited dialogue in Total Outplacement and Executive Outplacement creates confidence which enables a longer-term strategy. Typically during the first three months focus is on a position at a higher-level than the previous position, and later the level of ambition is reduced if necessary. A dialogue is important on the relevance of target groups, communication and support in relation to possible refusals during the outplacement process and a derived change of focus with regards to position-level and industry.


Executive Coaching:

We offer a confidential and competent dialogue on jobperformance including strategy, organization, management, personal network and decision-making process – including economic decision-making models.



Complete reorganization as well as minor organizational changes and organizational development is part of our expertise.

We support managements in planning and implementation of mergers, acquisitions, expenses and staff reductions.

We advice companies and employees on how to carry out dismissal interviews so that this difficult interview becomes constructive.
Our competencies:

Our experience within both the private and public sector on areas like mergers, turn-arounds and the educational system gives us a good basis for working as consultants and giving advice on the possibilities in career development and improved jobperformance. Our consultants are well educated and have experience from international management and HRM.

We value our long-term cooperation with, among others, Danmarks Jurist- og Økonomforbund, which is founded in mutual trust and good results. Other significant organizations as well have expressed satisfaction with our performance, including Arbejds-ministeriet, Justitsministeriet, Kommunernes Landsforening, Erhvervsministeriet, NCC Danmark A/S, Toyota, Kimberly-Clarc, Danelec Electronics A/S, Coro Food A/S, Kopenhagen Fur, Carometec, Arnold Busk A/S, Arc International SA, La Fuma SA, Danæg amba, Danmail A/S and several other companies.
OUR ADVICORY SERVICES ARE (for pice see contract):
INDIVIDUAL JOB SEARCH: 9 hours consultancy at meetings

INDIVIDUAL OUTPLACEMENT: 18 hours consultancy at meetings

TOTAL OUTPLACEMENT*: Unlimited counsultancy at meetings until permanent employment in new position incl. trial period in new job.

 EXECUTIVE OUTPLACEMENT*: Unlimited counsulting at meetings with consultants at an international manegerial level. PC incl. printer suplied for home office use.  
* Repentance: Contracts can be terminated within the first 8 days following the first meeting.
All consultancy services includes:
  • Development of Individual Career Strategies (manual approx. 100 pages)
  • Unlimited telephone counseling
    •  High outplacement percentage - close to 100% for Individual Total Outplacement
    • Job interview for every 3. application on ads
    • Time horizon for outplacements 3½ months - usually shorter
    • Often in job at first application
    • Outplacement age: up to 63 years old
    • Largest salary increase for outplacement: DKK ½ mio. per year
    • Time unlimited councelling for 40.000 DKK in Total Outplacement's with an outplacement percentage of 98%
    • Competitive prices due to short outplacement times and efficient methods
    • Our references are among Europe´s largest and most respected companies, municipalities and ministries
    • High customer satisfaction
     Repentance: The contract can be terminated in writing within 8 days. Should the chemistry not fit, you can choose another consultant.

    KarriereKonsult A/S · Skovvej 12 · 2950 Vedbæk · 45 66 13 45 · jg@karrierekonsult.dk